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About G.A.T.E.

We will provide the best possible experience for our dealers and customers from all over the world.

“Great Arena of Total Experience(G.A.T.E)”

The Doosan demo area “Great Arena of Total Experience(G.A.T.E)” has been serving customers since 2012 July. This new Demonstration Center has been named as “GATE” for the Great Area of Total Experience, meaning the impressive place for customers to experience the excellence of Doosan's products.

G.A.T.E is a new concept of demonstration center located in Gunsan, Korea. G.A.T.E was designed with one goal in mind to provide real field settings for product demonstrations and machine operation. We will provide our dealers and customers from all over the world with a chance to experience our equipment first hand, but also, through a high level of performance, we will be able to make the differentiated value of our products clear and show our customers our passion to serve them all in one place.

The Gate is always open to customers, any time during the four seasons, rain or shine. If you want to visit our G.A.T.E., please contact our sales manager in your region. He/She will arrange everything to join our G.A.T.E. demonstration area for you.

G.A.T.E. demonstration building

Experience of Doosan Equipment

The G.A.T.E. is a place where you test wide range of the newest Doosan construction equipment at your disposal.

G.A.T.E. operates all the year round and always welcomes customers. From large size excavators like DX700LC to medium size excavators as DX225, wheel excavators, the latest Wheel loaders with mechanical engine and skid- steer loaders of Bobcat are ready at hand for you.

The demo area is designed for you to work in a real working environment such as dirt and rocks, plain and hill.

Test driving the excavator Test driving the Skid loader