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Doosan Infracore is striving to cultivate experts and develop state-of-the-art new products in order to take another leap forward as a leading company in global ISB.

Doosan Infracore R&D

Doosan Infracore, which employs approximately 1,100 R&D experts for the Institute of Technology, is striving to reinforce core capabilities and secure a long term growth base to join the ranks of global top 5 ISB (Infrastructure Support Business) companies.

  • DSI Global R&D Center
  • Exterior view of DSI Global R&D Center
  • Interior view of DSI Global R&D Center

Since the establishment of the research center in 1981, Doosan’s efforts have focused on strengthening R&D capabilities, which has resulted in the successful development of all of its core products. Since re-establishing itself as a member of Doosan Group, the company has expanded investment in R&D, giving Doosan world-class technological prowess. In 2007, the Institute of Technology was relocated to the Doosan Research Center, a newly constructed state-of-the-art facility in Suji, Gyeonggi Province. In this new center, researchers are focusing on core projects in hybrid power systems, intelligent technologies, hydraulic systems, and friction and erosion minimization technologies, thereby consolidating our leadership as a global technology firm.

Doosan Infracore will endeavor to build a strategic R&D system, and to actively secure and foster R&D experts in order to upgrade our technological competitiveness to a world-class level. The Doosan Global Research and Development (R&D) Center was established with the total floor area of 26,163m2 in the Incheon Manufacturing Plant, Korea. The talented research personnel are together in a single site R&D center, leveraging the synergies among the company’s different R&D teams in Korea. We are constantly striving to recruit talented research personnel and give them full support to help cultivate their vision and career as professional researchers.

The R&D Center also has an exhibition space for Construction Equipment BG, featuring diverse contents of Doosan that visitors can easily get access to. Also outside the R&D center are displayed DH02 (produced in 1985), which became the stepping stone of the company’s success in mini excavators, and S220LC-III (produced in 1994) that opened the way for the development of the Solar series.

Doosan has received praise for its series of recently released next-generation, globally-competitive products and it always will do.

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Global Performance

Global Performance

Doosan construction equipment has strived to supply highest-quality products and services in diverse area as one of the global leaders.



Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment aims to stand out as one of the top 3 companies in the global construction machinery industry by being the best partner possible to its customers.

Our Belief

Our Belief

The Doosan Way is our philosophy for the next 100 years of growth. It is the spirit flowing through our people.

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