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Engine Parts

Genuine Doosan Engine Parts are designed and developed to provide superior quality and a higher level of durability.

Genuine Parts finder

  • Connecting Rod

    Connecting Rod

    Con Rod was designated to optimize Doosan Engine, is able to provide high efficiency and high performance.

  • Piston


    Various grades based on the applications and needs can reduce the amount of pollutant emitted into the air.

  • Liner


    Heat treatment and wear resistance enhance compression ability and protection to the engine block.

  • Ring KIT

    Ring KIT

    Proper fit into piston and heat treatment provide long Iife and less wear.

  • Bearing


    Proper oil flow provides a smooth buffer for the moving components.

  • Gasket KIT

    Gasket KIT

    Rubber coating prohibits cylinder block and head from contacting directly, 50 that it can prevent friction and abrasion.

  • Turbocharger


    Genuine Doosan turbocharger increases turbine blade life and supercharge performance.

  • Water Pump

    Water Pump

    Supplying the complete assembly and repair kits, it provides low cost repairs.

  • Starter


    Forged gear support and high strength steel shafts provide superior durability and high torque output.

  • Alternator


    High powered and high efficient alternator can meet advanced fuel efficiency requirement.