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Doosan genuine filter is specifically designed and developed to your machine. It will provide your machine and components longer life through reliable protection.

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  • Outstanding filtration efficiency and low maintenance cost
  • Excellent DHC(Dust Holding Capacity) and stable filtration performance
  • Optimized design for Doosan machine and proven quality from harsh testing conditions
  • Longer lifespan with extensive filtering area
  • Maximize machine up-time and increase productivity
  • Maximize residual value of your machine
  • Engine oil filter
  • Hydraulic oil filter
  • Fuel filter

Doosan High Efficiency Engine Oil Filter

Engine oil filter Hydraulic oil filter
  1. 1. Strengthened Housing

    Protects the filter with superior
    durability from external impact
  2. 2. High Quality Media

    2-layer high quality media maximizes
    filtration efficiency and DHC(Dust Holding
    Capacity) simultaneously while protecting
    engine parts and extending lifespan of the filter
  3. 3. Wire Mesh

    Maximizes filtering area and DHC
    by preventing pleats from sticking
  4. 4. Spiral Center Tube

    Strong design for working under
    high pressure
  5. 5. Reinforced Seam

    High pressure and long cycle
    impulse Resistance strengthens
    filter and protects the engine
  6. 6. End Cap

    Superior bonding prevents inflow of

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Doosan is working to meet customer expectations with a varied product lineup covering entire world market.

Global Performance

Global Performance

Doosan construction equipment has strived to supply highest-quality products and services in diverse area as one of the global leaders.



The brands of Doosan represent our proud history and worldwide growth. Many brands of Doosan Infracore are internationally recognized in the ISB(Infrastructure Support Business) industry.

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