SmartMaintenance : Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment
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Doosan SmartMaintenance is a proactive maintenance solution based on DoosanCONNECT, Doosan’s remote monitoring system. SmartMaintenance greatly helps customer save money through monitoring of the machine and preventive maintenance notification, as well as special discount of the parts and technician assignment service.

Download SmartMaintenance Brochure Doosan SmartMaintenance.pdf

What are the representative maintenance programs?

  • 1. DoosanCONNECT

    DoosanCONNECT is Doosan’s telematics management system.
    DoosanCONNECT gathers data and information from machine (“asset”) equipped with DoosanCONNECT supported telematics devices.
    DoosanCONNECT will keep track of where your machines are and how much they are working.

  • 2. DPMS (Doosan Predictive Maintenance System)

    DPMS-Track can minimize machine down time by visually checking the rate of wear of undercarriage parts. It can also predict the residual lifespan by measuring the degree of wear.

  • 3. Hydraulic Oil Flushing

    In a hydraulic system, hydraulic fluid plays a role similar to that played by blood in the human body. Thus, it is essential to regularly check and filter the hydraulic fluid in order to keep a machine in good working health.

  • 4. Service Report by Specialist

    The service report drawn up by a Doosan specialist provides the machine’s operation history as well as the maintenance log. The productivity and fuel efficiency of your machine can be checked with the report, dispensing with the need for an additional control book. The report also helps the customer to predict the machine’s future inspection date. The service report is created by analyzing the data collected by Telematics, while the service technician’s visit inspection is also included in the service. The Dealer’s specialists examine the report in order to provide the customer with a more reliable report.

What are the advantages of Doosan SmartMaintenance?

  • 1. Maximized Productivity

    “Service Solution” is proactively managed as an one-stop online service to minimize your equipment downtime via a Telematics monitoring center and a 24-hour call center and by servicing genuine Doosan parts specifically designed for Doosan equipment in order to maintain your machines at peak performance.
  • 2. Sustainable Product Life Cycle

    “Service Solution” does not simply consist in offering the usual after-service. Rather, we care for your equipment by providing an advanced maintenance consulting service through Doosan’s certified PSSR, thereby assuring the well-being of your machine even after its warranty expires.
  • 3. Reduced Total Maintenance Cost

    “Service Solution” efficiently assists you in controlling your operating budget by offering fixed contract costs transparently when you consider joining our program. We also offer reasonable prices for parts and components and full stock availability, and assign a service technician who fully understands your machine service history.
  • 4. Advanced Convenience

    “Service Solution” consists of collaborative services offered by logging in to “DoosanCONNECT”, thereby enabling you to access your equipment live information easily anytime anywhere with the Doosan technical machine report.

How it works

If you are insterested in, contact us

  • Contact Doosan dealers for full details of the services you can enjoy.

  • Sign a SmartMaintenance Contract with a Doosan dealer.

  • Your Doosan dealer will contact you periodically as part of the SmartMaintenance program.

  • The assigned service technician will provide a total care solution comprising preventive maintenance based on machine status monitoring, service history management, and a special discount on service parts.

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