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Welfare Program

Based on the belief that a comfortable and satisfactory life maximizes work performance, we put top priority on ensuring employees a happy and affluent life.

Rich Work Life

Housing (housing subsidy, dormitory)

Doosan pays interest costs when employees purchase or lease a house on a deposit basis and provides dormitories for singles and long-distance commuters.

Clothes and Meals (duty uniform, safety equipment, cafeteria)

Doosan offers duty uniform to increase work convenience and foster a sense of unity; it operates in-house cafeterias to provide high-quality meals.

Commuting (commuting bus, payment of vehicle fuel and gas expenses)

Doosan operates commuting buses to help employees avoid commuting difficulties; it covers vehicle maintenance expenses for sales & A/S team members.

Scholarships (tuition subsidies, college scholarship)

Doosan provides scholarships to employees’ children (full scholarships for middle and high school students; 100% of tuition for university students; KRW 50,000 a month for children aged 6 [western age] for one year).

Relocation Allowances

Doosan pays moving, travel, and transportation expenses in case employees are relocated to a new post.

Stable Work Life

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Doosan pays occupational injury benefits (or benefits based on agreement with the company) in case employees experience accidents on duty.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance Doosan supports employees and their families to subscribe to health insurance to enjoy medical benefits.

Support in Health Expenditure

Doosan pays medical costs up to KRW 5 million when employees and their families are hospitalized one night and two days or longer (outpatient treatment costs are included for employees). In case they are diagnosed with cancer or kidney failure, subsidies are paid even though they are not hospitalized. Full financial support is provided if they suffer from a congenital heart defect.

National Pension

Doosan supports employees to subscribe to the National Pension Scheme to ensure stable later years and to prepare for unexpected accidents.

Collective Employee Insurance

Doosan supports executives, managers (or higher-level), and assistant managers (or lower-level) to subscribe to collective employee insurance to prepare for unexpected accidents.

Pension (Savings) Insurance

Doosan supports engineers to subscribe to pension (savings) insurance (KRW 60,000: KRW 40,000 from the company; KRW 20,000 – out-of-pocket payment)

Employment Insurance

Doosan supports employees to subscribe to a social security scheme designed to prevent unemployment, facilitate re-employment, provide unemployment benefits and thereby ensure a stable life.

Severance Pay

Doosan offers a severance pay to employees who leave the company after being employed for one year or longer, pursuant to the Labor Standard Act and a Collective Agreement.

Provision of Books for Employees’ Children

Doosan provides children’s books and reference books for employees’ children who go to elementary, middle and high schools.

Healthy Work Life

Health Management (health management, vacation)

Doosan operates a health checkup system for employees and their families, allowing them to benefit from summer vacation, annual vacation, and menstrual leave.

Culture and Sports (culture, sports facilities, cultural events, sports events)

Doosan operates culture facilities and fitness centers to help employees enjoy cultural life and enhance physical strength.

Mutually-supportive Work Life

Cooperative and Finance (family event support, credit cooperative)

Doosan operates a family event vacation system and pays related subsidies; it operates an in-house credit cooperative to enable employees to easily access financial services.

Vibrant Work Life

Morale Elevation (reward system)

Doosan rewards employees for making great contributions to the growth of the company, thereby boosting their morale.


Doosan selects successful candidates out of those who were employed for one year or longer, supporting them in backpacking through North America, Europe, and Australia and bearing transportation expenses including airfares.

※ The above welfare benefits are provided in accordance with Doosan’s qualification criteria.

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Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment aims to stand out as one of the top 3 companies in the global construction machinery industry by being the best partner possible to its customers.


Doosan CI refers to a guideline for each and every element of its logo and visual system. The CI clearly manifests Doosan’s image as a global firm that has contributed to enriching the lives of people across the globe.

Our Belief

The Doosan Way is our philosophy for the next 100 years of growth. It is the spirit flowing through our people.

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