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HR System

Cultivating Doosan People

Based on the philosophy that the development of business can be achieved through the growth of each individual employee, Doosan develops its talents with a balance of training and performance with “a warm performance-oriented mindset" at the core.

Doosan’s concept of ‘right people’ is based on the 2G strategy (Growth of People, Growth of Business: the growth of business through the growth of people and vice versa), so we pay sincere attention to people and their practical development.

HR SystemHR System
HR SystemHR System

A reasonable and objective reward system unrivaled in the industry!

Doosan has established a reasonable reward system based on capabilities and performance, and provides the best rewards in the market, especially to distinguished people.

Doosan offers the highest possible rewards to top-caliber people based on systematic and reasonable evaluations, a fair and objective reward system, and a pay level policy unmatched in the market.

Appraisal and cultivation based on a warm performance-oriented mindset and differentiated organizational culture!

With a long history of 119 years behind it, Doosan has developed unique appraisal, training and organizational cultures.

Doosan views its people differently. Appraisal doesn’t mean reviewing employees to simply reward them on a short-term basis but providing a basic framework to concentrate on long-term HR training. On the basis of its unique interest in people, Doosan’s HR system has continued to foster employee-led initiatives including regular training communication and individual training programs that take people’s strengths and weaknesses into consideration, thereby promoting free communication-centered organizational culture.