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Cultivating People

Doosan Infracore acknowledges that people are its greatest asset for competitiveness. We provide learning opportunities attuned to changing business environments to nurture competent and global talent and enable them to achieve potential and career dreams.


Expert Program

Business Academy (Corporate MBA Program)

Doosan provides opportunities for its employees to participate in a corporate MBA program led by renowned scholars to cultivate next-generation business leaders.

  • Junior MBA

    For employees and assistant managers, Doosan provides an MBA program to develop basic management concepts and increase practical competency, which consists of strategic management, personnel organization, marketing, and accounting.

  • Talent MBA

    For assistant managers and managers, Doosan operates an MBA program to enhance the business mind through acquisition of fundamental management concepts and nurture strategic insight for improving competitiveness, which consists of strategic management, human resources management, managerial accounting, finance, marketing and operation management.

  • Core MBA

    For high-potential talent at the deputy general manager and general manager level, Doosan provides a next-generation business leader cultivation program to develop essential management concepts, which is a 2-year corporate MBA program with the same curricula as those of international MBA programs.

  • Executive MBA

    Doosan provides its executives (managing director or higher) with an MBA program consisting of strategic management and global business case studies, which is customized for Doosan by renowned scholars to support the development of decision-making, strategic thinking, and business insight.

Job Training Academy

Doosan operates professional cultivation programs by area to support employees to improve their expertise and to help them grow continuously.

  • R&D Academy

    For R&D staff, Doosan operates programs to reinforce their R&D capabilities through technology training.

  • Procurement Academy

    Doosan operates programs to nurture procurement experts, which consist of introductory, basic, in-depth, and expert courses.

  • Innovation Academy

    Doosan provides programs to enhance product quality and competitiveness.

  • Sales / Marketing Academy

    Doosan offers programs to strengthen marketing capabilities, which consist of marketing concepts and the use of strategy and tools.

  • Other Jobs Training

    Doosan operates Finance, HR, and IT academies to improve capabilities necessary for staff organizations.

Leadership Program

Leadership Course

Doosan operates an Insight Program designed to help leaders to internalize the Doosan Way.

Leadership Course

Executives Team Leaders Part Leaders Team Member Managers Team Members
CEO/BG Head Insight Program
Executive Insight Program
Team Leader Insight Program Under Development Under Development Under Development

STEPS(Strategic Thinking Enhancement through Problem Solving)

Based on 7 steps of McKinsey’s problem-solving methodology, Doosan provides training in a continuous and systematic manner every year, which is designed to cultivate problem-solving capabilities through performance improvement training programs and thereby to enhance job competency.

  • STEPS Advanced
  • STEPS for team leaders and team member managers
  • STEPS Junior for assistant managers or higher level
  • STEPS New Joiner for new employees

Global Program

Foreign Language Course

Doosan provides diverse foreign language courses to help employees to enhance their foreign language capabilities and more effectively implement the global business; it operates a 4-week ‘Intensive Camp’ and a 12-week selection program for global business managers and key staff & expatriates who need to promptly improve their foreign language proficiency.

Global Frontier

Doosan provides opportunities for its employees to work at overseas key posts for one year in order to help them to more clearly understand overseas projects and to share their knowledge and experience in the region. The initiative expands Doosan’s pool of talent and supports Doosan people to achieve their personal goal of growing into global talent.

DIGEST(Doosan Infracore Global Experience & Synergy Training) Program

Doosan dispatches its researchers to overseas posts in order to enable them to quickly experience global environments, enhance their global business capabilities, and deliver best practices to domestic workplaces.

GTEP(Global Talent Exchange Program)

Doosan operates a global talent exchange program to reinforce the competitiveness of global talent.

International Employees / Expatriates Cultivation Program

Doosan provides leadership training to not only domestic employees but also expatriates and is rolling out corporate HR development programs to its subsidiaries and branches to develop international employees. Such global talent cultivation programs play a leading role in realizing the philosophy of One Doosan.

Value Program

New Employee Training

Doosan presents guidelines for the fast growth of new employees, helps them to understand and effectively adapt to Doosan’s business environment, and motivates high-caliber talent with a great potential to further grow in the new environment.

  • New Employee Training

    Doosan operates a two-week training camp to enable new employees to feel proud of becoming the part of Doosan people and to cultivate basic capabilities required for rookies. The new employees have opportunities to experience a new employee training system.

  • FES(Front-line Experience Sharing) Program

    New employees experience various positions within the company for 4 months before they are placed in their departments. The FES program enables participants to experience various real jobs and to expand personal networks. Following the FES program, all new employees are given opportunities to present their projects by group, which expedites their understanding of Doosan and its business environment and helps to enhance participants’ project management skills. Furthermore, the FES program provides opportunities for new employees to have a clear idea of their roles and vision at Doosan.

Experienced Employee Hi-D Program

On the first day at the job, experienced employees are given opportunities to learn how to set welcome flowerpots and office supplies, with HR and welfare program information sessions being held twice a month by region. For 6 months, Doosan operates 4 tracks for the soft-landing of the experienced staff, including a peer system for work & life balance.

Training Programs

Functional Certificate Promotion Program

Doosan helps employees to acquire official certificates to cultivate global experts and improve functional competency and shoulders costs for studying and test-taking, taking into account the types of certificates.

Overseas Trip Support Program

In order to provide opportunities for employees to nurture a global mindset by experiencing global culture, Doosan supports its employees (who were employed for 1 year or longer) to backpack through North America, Europe, and Australia by bearing transportation expenses including airfares.

In-house e-HRD Portal ‘EDU (e-Doosan University)’

Providing more than 800 e-learning and correspondence learning courses every month for free, Doosan operates various training systems to enable employees to upgrade their functional capabilities. Since 2011, Doosan has supported Doosan people to participate in e-learning and to gather necessary information through the mobile GLAD anytime and anywhere.

Learning Party (Self-directed Learning)

This learning support system is designed to simultaneously expedite individual growth, raise competitiveness and create the company’s performance through self-directed learning including on-site learning, functional knowledge sharing, and on-site issue-solving.

Graduate Education Support Program

In order to strengthen mid-to-long-term capabilities in research / technology-centered natural sciences and engineering, Doosan operates a full-time dispatch program designed to help employees to obtain M.A. and Ph. D degrees and bears tuition and textbook fees.

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