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Social Responsibility

Doosan Infracore has done its share of soul-searching about what really drives a company in order to make continuous improvements to its CSR. On the basis of the results, the company aims to broaden the horizon of its CSR activities while pursuing CSR activities that will bring more practical benefits to local communities.

Support for Next Generation

Fostering and nurturing talent is what Doosan Infracore deems essential in its CSR drive. The company continues to develop and implement diverse programs to support future generations.

Support with Various Resources

Doosan Infracore provides support designed to make the most of its expertise in mechanical engineering and the characteristics of its diverse range of products.

Support for Local Communities

Doosan Infracore believes that businesses should serve their communities as responsible members and pursue their growth in a way that allows their communities to grow together. Doosan Infracore carries out diverse CSR activities customized to the characteristics of the local communities in which it operates on the basis of its well-established culture of shared growth with stakeholders.

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