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EHS Management Strategy

Doosan Infracore puts the principle of respect for humanity and environmental preservation into practice across all of its business activities. Devising a total of four principles and five promotion strategies, we have pursued the prosperity of humankind, the conservation of the earth’s environment, and sustainable growth.


Until the current policy was established in 2012, the EHS management policy of Doosan Infracore was revised eight times after its establishment in 1995 to share the important contents of the environmental management strategy both at home and abroad.
Our EHS management policy defines five principles including the operation of the environmental safety management system with a view to the advancement of humanity and global environmental conservation. Under this policy, we conduct company-wide EHS management.
Furthermore, we have established an environmental vision of the ‘Global Leading Green Company’ and five promotion strategies to ensure sustainable development.

Five EHS Management Strategies


  1. 1. Strengthening EHS management system

    • Development and application of leading EHS indicators
    • Establishment of EHS system at overseas workplaces
    • Reinforcement in EHS capabilities
  2. 2. Win-win growth with vendors

    • EHS win-win growth with partner firms and internal subcontractors
  3. 3. Response to climate change

    • Establishment of GHG management system
  4. 4. Development of eco-friendly products

    • Development of green products
  5. 5. Improving communication with communities

    • Disclosure of EHS management information
    • Reinforcement of social contribution activities in EHS

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