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EHS Performance

Doosan Infracore has strived to apply clean technologies to minimize air pollutants from production processes,installing pollution control facilities, using water-soluble paint and changing cutting oil. As a result, DI has acquired the ISO certification for the first time among companies in the same line of business. DI is promoting the continuous improvement of environmental performance.



Pollutants created by our production processes include dust, THC (Total Hydrocarbon) and foul odors. To prevent dust created by the production of engine castings from being discharged into the air, we install and operate optimal preventive facilities to strictly manage pollutants at under 40% of the permissible level stipulated in the Act on Pollutants Management Standards. In particular, with the development of nearby housing lands and with the rapidly increasing population in mind, Incheon Plant conducted an external audit on our processes that may create foul odors in order to proactively respond to possible complaints from residents in line with the government’s policy on air quality improvement in the greater Seoul area. Based on these results, we, together with Incheon Dong-gu Office, drew up an improvement plan under which we are striving to invest in the installation of facilities designed to improve foul-odor-triggering processes and to apply eco-friendly processes.

  • Reducing Pollutants by Improving Hood

    Reducing Pollutants by Improving Hood

    To resolve the structural problem of the existing Hood in the process of scrap metal, when charging scrap metal or taking out molten scrap metal, the double capture type is now used as it can capture pollutants very well. In addition, to improve the efficiency of disposing of the captured pollutants, the existing prevention facility was replaced with a high-efficiency prevention facility.

  • Using Auto Pouring Machine to Reduce Pollutants

    Using Auto Pouring Machine to Reduce Pollutants

    The auto pouring machine is installed for the manual pouring process to intensively capture pollutants and this reduces dust and odor in the factory. Also, the process automation reduces the risk of safety accidents likely to be caused by manual work.

  • Using Concentrated Catalytic Oxidation (CCO) to Reduce THC

    Using Concentrated Catalytic Oxidation (CCO) to Reduce THC

    We installed the concentrated catalytic oxidation (CCO) system to reduce the THC from the coating process by more than 50% as compared to the old system. Also, we use a heat exchanger to recover waste heat, thus saving energy costs.

  • Reducing Pollutants from Coating Facilities

    Reducing Pollutants from Coating Facilities

    To reduce pollutants like THC and dust from the coating process, we installed a high-efficiency secondary pollution control facility below the existing pollution control facility.

  • Lowering of Flying Dust

    Lowering of Flying Dust

    To lower flying dust inside workplaces, now a big issue, we operate water-spray and cleaning vehicles twice a day across the plant. In the waste castings storage warehouse, we install and operate shed dust collectors and dust removal facilities using hoppers and piping systems.


We clean and discharge all wastewater created in the production process by applying physical, chemical and biological treatment processes to the wastewater in the wastewater treatment plant. We automate the entire wastewater treatment process to manage pollutants at under 40% of the legally permissible level. In order to eliminate the environmental risk of contaminating the nearby sea water due to the plant site’s deposited pollutants being washed away during rainfall, we have installed and operated non-point pollutant sources reduction facilities designed to clean the rainwater via swirl-type systems and fiber-type filters that allow it to be discharged. We have also installed additional floodgates in general drainage ditches to fundamentally cut off the spread of pollutants attributed to unexpected leakage of dangerous goods.

  • Improving Wastewater Treatment Facilities

    Improving Wastewater Treatment Facilities

    The new wastewater treatment facility of Incheon factory, with the addition of the biological treatment process and T-N removal process, reduced pollutants 50% more than the old facility. As we also installed monitoring systems like CCTV as part of the centralized management system, now real- time environmental monitoring and prevention of environmental accidents are possible.

  • Monitoring Systems

    Monitoring Systems

    We installed a warning system at all holding tanks in the middle to prevent environmental accidents, and installed the wastewater treatment monitoring system to quickly respond to emergencies. We also installed a monitoring system in four places vulnerable to accidents in order to prevent environmental accidents.

  • Water Recycling

    Water Recycling

    In line with the increasingly abnormal weather conditions, such as extreme drought and torrential rainfall, water resources, and particularly the need to manage them effectively, is becoming ever more important. Since 2014, the Incheon plant has been operating a water recycling system to reuse the wastewater treated at its wastewater treatment plant in its production processes among other initiatives. In 2016, it reused 72% of its treated wastewater in its production processes, etc., thus reducing its water consumption costs by about KRW 135 million per year. In addition, the company constructed a heavy water plant and reused 3,926 tons of water in 2016; built separate rainwater intake facilities and used 69 tons of rainwater in its landscaping effort. During the construction of its advanced excavator manufacturing plant in 2016, Doosan Infracore replaced its wet scrubbers with dry scrubbers, which is expected to reduce water consumption and wastewater discharge by 350 tons per year, which is equivalent to a saving of KRW 6.5 million per year.

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