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EHS Performance

Doosan Infracore has strived to apply clean technologies to minimize air pollutants from production processes,installing pollution control facilities, using water-soluble paint and changing cutting oil. As a result, DI has acquired the ISO certification for the first time among companies in the same line of business. DI is promoting the continuous improvement of environmental performance.

Certifications and Awards

Since we acquired the ISO 14001 environmental management system certification for the first time in the industry in 1997, we have been expanding our activities to all the domestic plants for the prevention of environmental pollution and the continuous improvement of environmental performance. While developing the EHS system after acquiring the OHSAS/KOSHA 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certifications in 2005, we entered into a voluntary agreement (VA) for saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions with Incheon (2007) and Changwon (2004), and are actively carrying out reduction programs.


NO Description Certification Authority Year of initial acquisition
1 ISO 14001 DNV GL Incheon Plant (1997)
Gunsan Plant (2010)
2 OHSAS 18001/KOSHA 18001 DNV GL / Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency Incheon Plant (2005)
Gunsan Plant (2010)
3 Safety Zone Certificate Korea Institute of Safety Certification (KISC) Incheon Plan (2014)
Gunsan Plan (2015)
4 Employee Health Management Program Certificate Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency Incheon Plan (2013)
Gunsan Plan (2015)
  • iso14001 iso14001 ISO 14001
  • ohsas18001 OHSAS 18001
  • kosha18001 KOSHA 18001
  • Safety Zone-Certi Safety Zone-Certi


NO Year Award Host Other Remarks
1 1996-11 DE12IT Engine received the environmental technology award Ministry of Environment Incheon Plant
2 2007-06 Environmental management grand prize Incheon Chamber of Commerce Incheon Plant
3 2007-07 vendors win-win cooperation Ministry of Labor / Maeil Business Newspaper Incheon Plant
partnership best practice contest
Gold prize at the parent company
4 2008-03 Industrial safety management grand prize Korea Economic Daily Incheon Plant
5 2011-11 A citation for superior firefighting management business Incheon Metropolitan City Incheon Plant
6 2014-09 The Minister of Security and Public Administration Award at the Republic of Korea Safety Grand Prize Ceremony Ministry of Public Safety and Security Incheon Plant
7 2015-07 Top prize in Best Practice Contest of Health Improvement Initiative Ministry of Employment and Labor Gunsan Factory
8 2015-09 The Minister of Environment Award for Leadership in Resources Recycling Ministry of Environment Incheon Plant
9 2015-12 Overall Grand Prize at the 23rd Safety Management Grand Prize Ministry of Employment and Labor / Maeil Business Newspaper Gunsan Plant
10 2016-07 Award of Minister of Employment and Labor in Collaboration Program for Safety, Hygiene and Symbiosis Ministry of Employment and Labor Gunsan Factory
11 2017-12 Prime Minister Citation for Safety Culture Initiative Ministry of Public Administration and Security Incheon Factory

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Our Aspiration & Core Value

Our Aspiration & Core Value

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Quality Management

Quality Management

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