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EHS Performance

Doosan Infracore has strived to apply clean technologies to minimize air pollutants from production processes,installing pollution control facilities, using water-soluble paint and changing cutting oil. As a result, DI has acquired the ISO certification for the first time among companies in the same line of business. DI is promoting the continuous improvement of environmental performance.

Health and Safety

Management of Health and Safety

Doosan Infracore espouses a corporate philosophy of valuing people and operates its businesses under the principle of protecting its employees and its vendors’ employees from accidents and improving their mental and physical health. Through our effective EHS education and our new employee-engaged approach-based accident prevention activities, we are reducing accident rates. Also, for the health of employees and their family members, we operate diverse health programs to create a great workplace.

Employee Engagement Accident Prevention Safety Programs

1. Doosan’s EHS Rating System

Doosan Infracore is committed to upgrading the level of its EHS management by objectively diagnosing and evaluating the level of its EHS and improving it on a continuous basis through the use of standard EHS evaluation tools tailored to the presentation of goals.

2. On-site Safety Promotion Activities

Doosan Infracore has established a safety inspection system to ensure that its operators are totally safe before starting work based on thorough pre-inspections of their machinery. It also makes sure that the operators themselves identify potential risks associated with various processes, establish safety rules for their workplaces, and comply with the safety regulations in order to implement accident prevention activities themselves. Every month, separate time is given to Doosan Infracore operators so that they can assess the risk factors and take the necessary corrective action. Each year, the company conducts an evaluation and awards prize money to those operators who meet the goals assigned to them. On the World Day for Health and Safety at Work, outstanding cases are introduced to all of the company’s employees to motivate them to prevent accidents and participate in the effort.

Employee Health Promotion Programs

Employee health promotion programs
Program Name Program Outline
Smoking Cessation Clinic Support employees to quit smoking in conjunction with public health centers
Health Check-up Financially support employees and their spouses to benefit from health check-up
Vaccination Financially support employees and their family members to be vaccinated against influenza, Financially support employees to be vaccinated against Hepatitis A, Financially support employees on overseas business trip to benefit from essential vaccinations.
Operation of In-house Clinic Doosan Infracore operates an in-house clinic equipped with physical therapy facilities, a counseling and psychological service center, and a clinical lab.
Fitness Club Operate four professional trainers and implement one on one tailored health programs including fat control
Health Management Program Provide a doctor’s consultation based on health check-up results, as well as long-term care services
Healthy Drinking 119 Campaign Conduct a campaign to establish a healthy drinking culture (1 type liquor, 1st round only, once a week, finishing drinking before 9 p.m.)

Firefighting and Prevention of Accidents

In a prompt response to fires, natural disasters, oils and chemicals leakage, and other emergency situations to protect the company’s human and material assets, we operate the Disaster Prevention Center equipped with GDS* and CCTVs, on a 24-hour basis. In 2011, we further bolstered our accident prevention capabilities with an investment of KRW 5.1 billion to adopt chemical firefighting engines, heat/smoke/flame monitoring systems, and gaseous media and firefighting systems using gas, and to replace old firefighting systems. We monitor relevant systems before, in the middle of, and after conducting works involving fire and bolster the management of heaters in winter in a bid to practice firefighting and safety examination routinely. In 2011, we had no fire accidents through the operation of Disaster Prevention Center and the continuous improvement of firefighting systems. On the 49th Firefighting Day, in recognition of our enhanced crisis response capabilities during fires and of our fire damage reduction activities, Incheon City presented a Superior Fire Management Prize to our company.

* GDS : Graphic Display System

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Our Aspiration & Core Value

Our Aspiration & Core Value

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Quality Management

Quality Management

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