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EHS Management System

Doosan Infracore has implemented environmental management in earnest since 1990 with the aim of boosting its image as an environmentally-friendly corporation and raising its corporate value. Under its environmental policies and strategies, the company has enhanced its environment-related organization, conducted environmental inspections at all its business sites, and consolidated its image as an eco-friendly company.

EHS Organization

We have actively implemented an EHS management system ever since EHS policies were set up in the mid-1990s. Our EHS systems, set up across all operations, including R&D and production, encompass the environmental management system (ISO 14001), health and safety management systems (OHSAS 18001, KOSHA 18001), and the quality management system (ISO 9001) to minimize EHS impacts. In 2008, in order to enhance our corporate value through long-term eco-friendly management and to contribute to human sustainability, we established an environmental mission, vision, and strategy system. We also developed and published EHS guidelines alongside vendor management manuals.

EHS Organization

In line with the expansion of its overseas operations and increasing concern about global environmental issues, Doosan Infracore has established EHS Teams at both its operating site and its head office in Incheon, Korea in order to accomplish more systematic and effective organizational management. The team is divided into the Safety Part and the Environment Part. The company’s CSR Committee, which is composed of members of the top management, including its CEO and the heads of its business groups (BG), makes key decisions on the company’s EHS-related policies, plans and activities. At the level of each BG, an EHS management meeting is held on a monthly basis to discuss pending EHS issues and review the monthly progress of its respective goals. The company also promotes site-centered EHS management through various measures, such as coaching on the direction of the EHS strategies, and the management’s safety awareness, and provides guidance on health and safety management systems.

Company-wide EHS Organization

  1. President and CEO
  2. Business Support &
    1. EHS Team
      1. Environment Part
      2. Safety Part
    2. Gunsan
      Management Team
      1. Gunsan EHS / Management Part
    3. China EHS Dept.

CSR Committee

Until 2014, EHS issues were discussed at the EHS Committee. From 2015 on, the decisions are made at the CSR Committee.

CSR Committee

CSR Committee

Chairperson CEO
Composition 9 persons including CEO, CFO, BG heads and directors
CSR part

Subcommittees under CSR Committee

Subcommittee Human Rights/
Labor Practices
Environment Fair Operations Customer Values Local Communities
Major Indices Human rights

Labor practices
Worksite safety and
Health environment and

On-site energy

Green Operation
Ethical management

Green Partnership

Product and
technology innovation

Green business
and Product


CSR Working Group

Teams in
HRM1)·HRD2) EHS3) related Teams Shared Growth·Compliance
Marketing·Quality·R&D CSR part·General Affairs Finance·Strategy·Doosan Way

1) HRM : Human Resource Management 2) HRD : Human Resource Development 3) EHS : Environmental, Health, Safety

 Green management

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