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EHS Management System

Since 1990, Doosan Infracore has actively promoted environmental management to improve its image as an eco-friendly company and enhance corporate value. DI has solidified its status as a green firm by systematizing its organization under environmental policies and strategies and assessing the eco-friendliness across all of its workplaces.

Management of EHS Management System

Each year, we use EHS management indicators and evaluate EHS performance in all operations including overseas workplaces to improve our EHS activities. To efficiently implement our EHS management system and to improve its implementation, the EHS management evaluation factor has been added to the performance indicators of BG heads and executives of production, thus upgrading our company-wide EHS management level from a response stage management to a confirmed EHS management stage.

Each year, we conduct an internal and external audit on the operation of EHS management system and on our compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Thus, we pinpoint and improve on problems related to EHS. We also conduct a global EHS audit including an audit on domestic and overseas workplaces to further refine and strengthen our EHS system.

In addition, we have earned the environmental management system certification (ISO 14001), health and safety management system certifications (OHSAS 18001/KOSHA 18001), as well as conducting a safety inspection of hazardous or dangerous machines and tools along with PSM management. In this way, we endeavor to minimize possible pollution and damage attributed to our operations and to remove the risk of industrial hazards in a bid to improve our EHS operation.

Levels of EHS Management Evaluation

EHS performance results
EHS Action Infrastructure
(resources, systems, institutions, etc.)
  1. EHS leader
  2. Value and integration of business
  3. Ensuring EHS managementDoosan Infracore’s
    EHS management levels
  4. Responsive management
  5. Absence of EHS management

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