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Doosan Infracore promotes corporate social responsibilities (CSR) systematically through the CSR Committee (Chairperson: CEO) and the CSR part.

Doosan Infracore consistently seeks to raise its value and that of its stakeholders through its business activities. To that end, the company focuses on enhancing communication with each of its stakeholder groups – including shareholders, investors, employees, suppliers, local communities, central and local governments, and the media – throughout the entire range of its management activities with the aim of creating new values for them. Therefore, the company pursues efficient management with balanced approaches to corporate growth and stability with the aim of continuing to raise its future corporate value on the one hand, and seeks healthy shared growth with its stakeholders through responsible CSR management as a leading global corporation on the other.

CSR Promotion System

Doosan Infracore promotes corporate social responsibilities (CSR) through cooperation among the relevant departments, mainly the CSR part at its head office and persons in charge of its overseas business sites. The company convenes meetings of the CSR Committee (Chairperson: CEO), the top decision-making body, on a quarterly basis, and the Committee sets up CSR strategic tasks and approves related operations and processes based on materiality issues and external assessment such Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Evaluation and Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI). When major decisions are made by the Committee, the CSR Working Group, which is composed of working-level staff, draws up specific implementation plans and discusses implementation tasks. The CSR part, which is the organization responsible for coordinating the company’s overall CSR strategies, is responsible for comprehensive CSR-related tasks such as establishing CSR strategies, identifying stakeholder issues and needs, diagnosing CSR levels at domestic and overseas sites, presenting CSR tasks, monitoring performance and publishing integrated reports.

CSR Committee

Chairperson CEO
Composition 9 persons including CEO, CFO, BG heads and directors
CSR part

Subcommittees under CSR Committee

Subcommittee Human Rights/
Labor Practices
Environment Fair Operations Customer Values Local Communities
Major Indices Human rights

Labor practices
Worksite safety and
Health environment and

On-site energy

Green Operation
Ethical management

Green Partnership

Product and
technology innovation

Green business
and Product


CSR Working Group

Teams in
HRM1)·HRD2) EHS3) related Teams Shared Growth·Compliance
Marketing·Quality·R&D CSR part·General Affairs Finance·Strategy·Doosan Way

1) HRM : Human Resource Management 2) HRD : Human Resource Development 3) EHS : Environmental, Health, Safety

CSR Promotion System

CSR Committee

The CSR committee, which is composed of the CEO, the heads of BGs, and other key executives, is the company’s highest decisionmaking body regarding CSR. Its major responsibilities include establishing company-wide CSR strategies and policies, drawing up CSR strategic tasks, reviewing operational performance, and determining the business risks and opportunities arising from changes in the CSR environment. The Committee is composed of five subcommittees dedicated to human rights/labor practices, environment, fair operations, customer values, and local communities. The subcommittees conduct in-depth discussions with the focus on related CSR strategic tasks on a quarterly basis. To boost the efficiency of their decision-making process, the subcommittees are flexible in deciding which organizations will participate in their activities depending on the nature of the tasks to be carried out.

The CSR strategic tasks are reflected in the management by objectives (MBO) of relevant executive officers. Some of them are linked to the annual business plans to enhance their implementation capabilities and will also be linked to mid- to long-term management strategies. Doosan Infracore will continue to seek new CSR strategies and effective implementation strategies with the aim of enhancing its corporate and social values in the long term, thus achieve tangible results.

CSR Operational System
(Annual Process for the Execution of Major Tasks)

CSR Planning & Upgrade

  • Stakeholder communication and engagement
  • CSR diagnosis
  • Materiality analysis
  • Analysis of the external assessment
    such as ESG and DJSI

Identify CSR
issues and

Promotion of CSR strategic tasks and activities

Disclosure of information on activities and performance through integrated reports and others

CSR Committee
Establish CSR strategic tasks, manage tasks, review performance, monitor risks and seek opportunities

CSR Operational System (Annual Process for the Execution of Major Tasks) Down

CSR Strategy

In 2016, Doosan Group reestablished its CSR strategies based on existing CSR strategies that reflected the results of analysis of global trends and its internal capacity.


Proud Global Doosan

GSR Goal

Top 100 global CSR leading companies1) by 2025

CSR Mission

Support responsible and sustainable growth

CSR Pillars

  • Respect
    for People
  • Reliable
  • Responsibility
    in engagement
  • CSR value

1) Based on the announcement of the World Economic Forum (Davos Forum)

CSR Strategy Down

External Assessments

Included in the DJSI Korea for eight years (2010 – 2017)

  • DJSI logo image
  • 2010-2017
* The Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) are the most prestigious global sustainability benchmarks co-developed by the Dow Jones of the USA and RobecoSAM of Switzerland. They evaluate the sustainability performance of major companies on the basis of an analysis of corporate economic, environmental and social performance.

Obtained Class A in the ESG evaluation conducted by the Corporate Governance Service, Korea

  • ESG logo image
  • A

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