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Corporate Profile

Doosan Infracore, Korea’s top machinery manufacturer and a global leader in Infrastructure Support Business, has established an unrivaled position in construction equipment, engines, a variety of attachments and utility equipment.

Doosan Infracore, Korea's best machinery manufacturer, has built its unrivaled status in construction equipment and engines.


By providing differentiated products and services that can make customers, dealers and shareholders feel proud and confident, we will create a global firm that grows together with all stakeholders.


Doosan Infracore strives to become a Global Leader by practicing “the Doosan Credo” that places a value on Integrity & Transparency, Technology & Innovation, and Talented People.


Doosan Infracore, with over 80 years of history, has strived to take another giant leap forward by improving its competitiveness and securing new growth engines through global M&A activities, since becoming a member of Doosan Group in 2005


Doosan Infracore’s brands represent Doosan’s proud history and startling growth, and are nowadays recognized globally.

Global Performance

Doosan Infracore has strived to supply highest-quality products and services in diverse areas including construction equipment, engines and is emerging as one of the top-tier companies in the world by proactively responding to a rapidly changing business environment.


Doosan Infracore has expanded its R&D investment to develop and offer products beyond customers’ expectations, focusing on quality improvement through diverse function tests and reliability evaluation.

Quality Management

Doosan Infracore has focused on quality enhancement to ensure customer satisfaction by opening dialogue channels with clients on a 24/7 basis through the operation of local call centers and overseas Global Link 24.

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