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Development of Future Leading Technology

To secure future technologies, we conduct research on leading technologies such as eco-friendly and virtual design technologies, reinforcing research on the enhancement of our future product competiveness.

Eco-friendly Technology

Hybrid Excavators

Hybrid excavators improve energy efficiency through regeneration, thereby making themselves eco-friendly products that can respond to high oil prices and the Climate Change Convention. Doosan Infracore is endeavoring to develop hybrid excavator motors, power conversion systems, energy storage systems and other key parts, to enhance vehicle performance, and to secure vehicle durability and reliability, thus preparing for future markets.

Advanced Combustion Technology

To innovate the three competitiveness elements (3Es: emission, efficiency, and economy) of construction machine diesel engine markets, Doosan Infracore is pushing to develop and secure combustion and engine control technologies. To apply low-temperature combustion (LTC) technology to construction machine diesel engines, we, together with major local research institutes, companies and universities, are concentrating our R&D efforts on securing original combustion technologies that can emulate those of advanced competitors. We are also endeavoring to secure our technological capabilities rivaling those of key engine makers and partner firms, by developing engine performance design and engine control technologies that can be used at the initial stage of engine development.

Machine Intelligence Technology

We are developing the future technology for machine tools, as well as vehicle intelligence technology. In the field of machine tools, to boost machine tools’ productivity, precision and convenience of use, we are developing intelligence technology, along with eco-friendly and grinding technology necessary for the future machine tool industry. In the area of vehicle intelligence, we developed an integrated control system for heavy construction equipment and industrial vehicles, thereby helping improve the fuel efficiency and control of equipment by computerizing machines and systems. To respond to the expected energy depletion, environmental problems, and declining manpower associated with aging population, the Intelligence Technology Team continues its R&D efforts to create the added value of machine tools and vehicles through intelligent systems with the convergence of information, electronic and mechanical technologies.