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Development of Base Technologies

Doosan Infracore focuses on research on base technologies as a means of securing new technologies and making fundamental improvements to its products, and further enhances the value of its products via the application of advanced design processes.

Material Technologies Development

Wear-resistant Material Parts

We aim to improve product performance by continually attempting to apply new materials to various types of parts with different performance requirements and by employing optimized heat treatment technologies. Most notably, we develop and employ wear-resistant materials so that our products exceed our customers’ expectations about a product’s lifecycle even in the most severe operating environments. We also continue to develop new technologies in order to remarkably improve the lifecycle of various wearable parts through the identification of optimal shapes.

Manufacturing Process Technologies

In order to secure the robustness of iron and steel, which form the core structures of excavators, engines and hydraulic machinery, we carry out verification processes for casting materials, including cast iron and cast steel, while upgrading our casting and heat treatment processes. Meanwhile, to secure parts that can respond to the high levels of stress applied to each part during the development of a new product, we are striving to boost the endurance reliability of metallic materials through the development of alloy composition and casting design and manufacturing process technologies.

Lubrication and Friction Reduction Technologies

We strive to improve product lifecycle and performance continuously and deliver differentiated values to our customers by reducing loss caused by the interaction of system components. We commercialize diverse friction/abrasion/sealing systems by applying not only testing, diagnosis and interpretation processes, but also high-functional surface shape/material design and surface treatment processes. We also strive to upgrade the systems by incorporating technologies that detect mechanical breakdowns ahead of time.

Material Test and Evaluation Technologies

We carry out tasks aimed at making fundamental improvements to design and manufacturing quality as well as product quality by analyzing breakdowns of metallic and chemical parts in our machinery; benchmarking our competitors’ products; and conducting audits and improving our production processes. We also undertake tasks related to the quality and reliability of our materials, such as research on methods of testing metallic and chemical materials, standardization of evaluation techniques, establishment of a material properties DB, development of chemical materials, and establishment of materials standards.

Welding and Nondestructive Testing Technologies

To make improvements in the lifecycle and reliability of the welded and jointed structures that are widely used in our products, we evaluate the quality of our welding through destructive and nondestructive testing, investigate the causes of cracks in welded structures in field and durability tests, conduct fatigue tests on welded joints, lifecycle database construction and utilization, benchmark our competitors and carry out reverse engineering, while striving to improve productivity and reliability by introducing next-generation welding and nondestructive technologies.

Service as a KOLAS Calibration Certification Institute

We are now qualified as a licensed KOLAS (Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme) certification institute, and calibrate measuring instruments, a crucial task for equipment and manufacturing quality, through our calibration management system. To further enhance the precision and accuracy of our calibration of measurement instruments, we are working hard to develop technologies that will improve calibration and measurement capability (CMC) and uncertainty of measurement.

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Our Aspiration & Core Value

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