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Reliability Evaluation

The Reliability Evaluation Center has state-of-the-art laboratories including an environmental tolerance laboratory, a large anechoic chamber and a vibration test laboratory, testing and assessing the durability, environmental tolerance, and structural stability of products in various working environments in order to improve product reliability and quality.

About Reliability Evaluation Center

“Doosan Infracore is thoroughly evaluating the reliability of all products including excavators and diesel engines through various tests in order to enable them to fully function in any environment and to maximize their useful life.”

Doosan Infracore has established and is operating the largest Reliability Evaluation Center in Korea to enhance the reliability of products through the development of evaluation technologies and the integration and specialization of functions of tests and evaluations in order to secure world-class quality.

The Center has 13 laboratories including an environmental tolerance laboratory, a large anechoic chamber and a vibration test laboratory and more than 300 types of advanced test apparatus to test and evaluate the characteristics of various materials, the performance and durability of a running system and a transmission system, environmental tolerance against changes in temperature and humidity, the performance, durability and structural stability of products in working environments exposed to noise and vibration. It also conducts research for improving the function and durability of parts and developing test technologies.

In particular, the Center actively works for test-evaluation and quality improvement, which are deemed to be weaknesses in the local industry, by using test and evaluation experts and advanced test equipment. It provides all services related to the evaluation of reliability of developed products, the identification of causes of defects, the establishment of improvement measures, the provision of technical advice on tests and evaluations, and testing.

The Center equipped with comprehensive technological prowess was officially recognized as an international evaluation institute in more than 100 areas. In particular, as it was acknowledged as an official evaluation entity by TUV of Germany in EMC, the Center was able to solidify its position as an international evaluation agency. In addition, by concluding technological agreements with renowned universities and government-sponsored evaluation centers in Korea to promote mutual technology exchanges, the Center has further developed test and evaluation technologies.

The key activities of the Center are as follows:

1) it tests and evaluates the strength and durability of diverse structures and parts, as well as the performance, durability, and useful life of hydraulic / driving / machine parts, electric / electronic parts, and chemical products;

2) conducts non-destructive tests to analyze the ingredients and properties of metal and chemical materials and to measure the defects of welded joints, making a precise measurement of machined parts;

3) has an environment test laboratory and an anechoic chamber where extreme environments can be reproduced for almost all products including small and large items, conducting diverse types of environment tests for salt spray, temperature/humidity, thermal shock, vibration, dust, noise, etc.;

4) analyzes the malfunctions of parts and products, forecasting useful life, developing testing methods by area and accelerated life tests, and conducting research on reliability enhancement.

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