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Reliability Evaluation

The Reliability Evaluation Center has state-of-the-art laboratories including an environmental tolerance laboratory, a large anechoic chamber and a vibration test laboratory, testing and assessing the durability, environmental tolerance, and structural stability of products in various working environments in order to improve product reliability and quality.

Procured Equipment

Structural durability tests

  • Hydraulic Actuator (max. 100t), Floating Bed (max. 300t)
  • Field Data Acquisition System
  • Multi-Axial Structure Testing System

Material property evaluation

  • S.E.M & EDS, WDX, XRD, Dilatometer, Abrasion Tester, Phase Analyzer
  • ICP, FT-IR, Spectrometer, Gas Analyzer (excl. nitrogen)
  • Weather-O-meter, Contamination Tester, Integrated Corrosion Tester

Part durability tests

  • Various Rig Testers, Fatigue Test Apparatus
  • Twist-fatigue Tester, Abrasion Tester, Volt Test Instrument
  • Photo-elasticity Tester, Residual Stress Tester

Electric part tests

  • Function Generator, Power Quality Failure Simulator
  • E.S.D Simulator, Surge Simulator, Burst Noise Tester
  • Various Rig Testers (Starter, Alternator, Controller, Switch, Relay, Sensor)

Oil-pressure and driving part tests

  • Universal Hydraulic Tester, Hydraulic Pump/Motor Tester, Hose Impulse Tester
  • Axle Dynamometer, Chassis Dynamometer
  • Gear Box Durability Tester, Swing Device Tester

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Our Aspiration & Core Value

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