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Reliability Evaluation

The Reliability Evaluation Center has state-of-the-art laboratories including an environmental tolerance laboratory, a large anechoic chamber and a vibration test laboratory, testing and assessing the durability, environmental tolerance, and structural stability of products in various working environments in order to improve product reliability and quality.

Procured Technology

Technology for trouble analysis and reliability evaluation

  • Analysis of defects of machinery, chemical, and electric parts
  • Identification of destruction, cracks, deformation, abrasion, oil leakage, corrosion, strange noise, and discoloration
  • Reliability analysis, FMEA, and FTA
  • Establishment of an acceleration model and the design for accelerated durability tests
  • Reliability growth evaluation
  • Measurement of field data and the design of duty cycles

Technology for structural durability evaluation

  • Structure durability test with single-axial or multi-axial load control
  • Safety test by international standards (FOPS, ROPS, TOPS)
  • Measurement of vehicle load and forecasting of fatigue life

Technology for evaluating the durability of parts

  • Analysis of the fatigue strength of machine parts
  • Stress measurement and the calculation of fatigue life of parts
  • Residual stress measurement and photo-elasticity test and assessment

Technology for testing and evaluating oil-pressure and driving parts

  • Testing of performance and efficiency of oil-pressure pumps, motors, valves, and cylinders
  • Testing of impulse durability and rupture pressure of oil-pressure hoses and fittings
  • Testing of acceleration performance, maximum running speed, and braking performance
  • Testing of heat balance of transmission systems

Technology for testing the properties of materials

  • Analysis of micro-structure and phase of metallic materials and non-destructive tests (UT, MT, RT, ET)
  • Testing of mechanical properties of chemicals including rubber and plastic
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the substances of metal and non-metal parts
  • Evaluation of the properties and durability of paint, coat, and lubricants

Technology for evaluating electric parts

  • Testing of the performance and durability of electric, electronic, and communication parts
  • Evaluation of the reliability of electronic control apparatus
  • Electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) testing in accordance with international standards

Technology for testing and evaluating vibration and environment

  • Evaluation of the vibration properties of electric and machine parts
  • Resonance point detection testing and vibration durability testing
  • Dynamic mode shape and modal analysis
  • Thermal impact, waterproof, and dust tests
  • Weathering, salt spray, and ozone tests

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Our Aspiration & Core Value

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