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Development of ICT-based Next-generation Construction Equipment

We aim to provide our customers with the best solutions designed to improve their productivity by developing increasingly important and diverse ICT technologies and applying them to our next-generation construction equipment.


TMS (Telematic System) enables the remote monitoring of information on the location and status of equipment through GPS (Global Positioning System) and wireless telecommunications (mobile telecommunications and satellite telecommunications). On the basis of this equipment location and status information, we are able to offer our customers diverse services such as consumables management, equipment state management, and anti-theft features. Notably, we offer our customers the very best solutions for equipment maintenance, including an immediate notification feature that ensures our customers’ equipment is repaired as quickly as possible in the event of a breakdown, and a real-time breakdown status analysis feature.

3D machine Guidance System

The Excavator 3D Machine Guidance System gathers information on equipment location and posture via GPS and an angle sensor installed in the excavator. Topographical information on the work environment is collected separately by a laser scanner or a drone. With the collected information, we help equipment operators to carry out their work more efficiently by showing them the topography of the work area and the location of their excavators. For instance, when an area’s surface needs to be leveled out, the operator can easily complete the job with information on the bucket height, which is collected by this system. We expect the development of this system to contribute to improving productivity in various ways, such as reducing land survey costs and shortening the construction period due to improved construction efficiency, as well as improving work uniformity and accuracy and enhancing construction safety.

Excavator Automation

In various machinery industries that produce robots and automobiles, among other products, the development of automation technologies is gaining momentum and attracting keen attention around the world. Furthermore, advanced markets, in particular, are aging rapidly while the number of operators who can manipulate equipment skillfully continues to shrink, which is leading to soaring demand for unmanned/automated equipment. Thus, our company develops various technologies ranging from element-base technologies to product application technologies, which are required for the automation of various items of our construction equipment, including excavators and wheel loaders. We place top priority on the automation of jobs demanding high precision or repetitive work among the great variety of construction jobs carried out by construction equipment attachments (fronts, buckets, etc.). We conduct our R&D activities in the expectation that our technological development will eventually reach a stage where our equipment will monitor and perceive its surroundings and perform jobs automatically while actively taking all the necessary safety measures.

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