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Doosan Infracore is striving to secure and cultivate experts in order to take another leap forward as a leading company in global ISB, and at the same time, is endeavoring to develop state-of-the-art new products.

Doosan Infracore R&D

Equipped with more than 1,000 R&D personnel, Doosan Infracore performs R&D in a variety of fields to lay the groundwork for long-term growth while enhancing its current core competencies.

Doosan Infracore launched its R&D center back in 1981, and has succeeded in developing its own models for all of its flagship products thanks to its unceasing investments in R&D. Since its incorporation into Doosan Group, the company has continued to make considerable increases in its R&D investments, securing the world's highest level of product development capabilities.

On the basis of its world-class R&D competencies and its remarkable power of implementation, Doosan Infracore supplies markets across the world with the most competitive products in all key areas, including quality, cost, and performance, keeping ahead of the competition.

Doosan Infracore will strive to achieve its corporate vision ahead of schedule by further enhancing its edges in R&D. To that end, the company will do its utmost to expand and consolidate its global R&D network - which makes it possible for the company to secure systematic collaboration between the R&D departments of each of its BGs and the advanced and base technology R&D functions of its head office - as part of its efforts to secure global product development capabilities.

Doosan Infracore R&D