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Business Group R&D

The company's Institute of Technology joins forces with the R&D divisions at each of its BGs to undertake dynamic R&D activities a means of enhancing its product competitiveness and laying firm foundations for long-term growth.

Construction Equipment

With customer satisfaction as its ultimate goal, Construction Equipment (CE) BG pursues safe, environmentally-friendly, and ergonomic designs as well as reliability engineering as the core features of its product development.

The CE BG’s R&D Division developed the ‘SOLAR’ series, the company’s own brand of excavators, in 1985. Since then, safe, environmentally-friendly, and ergonomic designs as well as reliability engineering have been the core features of its product development.

CE BG continues to place top priority on striving to develop its lineup of next-generation machinery, ranging from civil engineering equipment to special purpose equipment, which can be marketed globally, by implementing a mid-to-long-term technology roadmap to support its R&D efforts.

Notably, it aims to ensure that customer needs are reflected in new products by applying a cutting-edge product development process right from the initial R&D stage, and secures product reliability by systematically applying rigorous test procedures. Such efforts are aimed at delivering differentiated values to every customer who purchases Doosan Infracore construction equipment.

The CE BG’s R&D Division will do its very best to ensure that the company develops into a construction equipment manufacturer equipped with the world’s highest competitiveness by developing eco-friendly technologies and high-performance, high-quality products. It will also play a leading role in building a better human civilization through strategic alliances and fair competition with the most advanced heavy equipment manufacturers around the world.


Engines BG has taken the lead in engine technologies worldwide by developing and supplying engines that meet the world’s most stringent environmental and emission standards on the basis of its exceptional combustion technologies and after-treatment application technologies, which are essential for securing high efficiency while generating low emissions.

Engines BG develops and supplies engines that meet the world’s strictest environmental and emission regulations in North America and Europe on the basis of its unique combustion technologies and after-treatment application technologies, which are critical for securing high efficiency while generating lower emissions. Having an outstanding applied technology of engine installation for vehicles, industry, ships, power generators and tanks, Engines BG fully satisfies the needs of customers in a whole range of industries at home and abroad, as a global leader of engine technologies.

Engines BG has built world-class cutting-edge R&D facilities in Incheon and Gunsan, where more than 270 R&D experts are engaged in the development of new models of diesel and gas engines.

Engines BG developed the ‘STORM’ engine series in 1986 for the first time in Korea, as well as the country’s first turbo intercooler engine and first economical marine engine in 1993. It also completed the development of natural gas engines for industry in 1994. It succeeded in developing eco-friendly DE and DV engines in 1995, for which it was presented with the Korea Environmental Award (presidential award) in 1996. In the 2000s, Engines BG developed engines that meet Euro 2-4 emission standards, as well as CNG engines for vehicles, while, in the current decade, it has completed the development of engines that fulfill the requirements of Euro 5-6, Tier 4 and Stage V.

Amid the increasingly stringent regulations on the control of exhaust and GHG emissions, Engines BG has significantly upgraded the power and efficiency of its best quality engines optimized for vehicles, industries, ships and power generators, rivaling the products of the world’s top-end engine manufacturers.

Equipped with leading R&D experts and cutting-edge research facilities, the Engines BG’s R&D Division will take the lead in the development of the world’s best eco-friendly, high-efficiency engines.

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