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Doosan Infracore will grow to become Global Top 3 Machinery Manufacturer by 2020, by developing top-notch technologies and products based on the Doosan Way, Doosan Group’s own management philosophy.


2020 Global Top 3 Machinery Doosan Infracore’s mid-to-long-term goal is to grow into a world-class machinery firm by joining the ranks of global top 3 companies in construction equipment and machine tools by 2020.

Mid-term Financial Goal

2018 sales: KRW 13 trillion Doosan Infracore will achieve the goal by implementing its mid-to-long-term strategy.

Meaning and Achievement of Vision

Doosan Infracore is striving to position itself as a global leader in machinery by providing global markets with top-quality products that can maximize customer value based on its top-tier technological prowess.

The Global Top 3 Machinery Company that Doosan Infracore is aiming to become refers to one that posts the highest level of sales and profit in the industry and fulfills its social responsibilities, thereby continuously offering the maximum value to all stakeholders including shareholders.

In order to achieve the vision, Doosan Infracore is doing its utmost to cultivate global talent and establish a powerful corporate culture that can unite multinational employees into one entity, grounded on the Doosan Way.

In addition, in order to distribute highest-quality products that can maximize customer value to global markets, Doosan Infracore has further reinforced capabilities to analyze the needs of markets and customers, continuously developing innovative technologies, securing fundamental quality competitiveness, and improving productivity.

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2020 Global Top 3 Machinery
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