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Investor Relations

Doosan Infracore strives to increase corporate value by providing transparent and sound investment information to protect the interests of investors and maximize the profits of shareholders.

We are dynamically evolving because of our robust performance and continued growth.


Doosan Infracore provides detailed information regarding its articles of association, board of directors, audit committee and stock performance.

Financial Information

Doosan Infracore provides detailed financial information.

Stock Information

Doosan Infracore delivers detailed information regarding its stock performance in real-time.

IR Materials

Doosan Infracore is dynamically expanding into global markets on the back of its robust performance and continued growth.

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Integrated Report

Integrated Report

Provide detailed information on Doosan Infracore, a dynamic global firm that is growing across the world.

IR Materials

IR Materials

You can witness Doosan Infracore that is dynamically evolving.

Our Aspiration & Core Value

Our Aspiration & Core Value

Introduce the Doosan Credo, Doosan's philosophy and its way of doing business, which represents Doosan's past and future.

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