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  • 2020 Global Top 3 Machinery

    Global Top 3 Machinery

    Doosan Infracore is striving to be one of the top three global companies in ISB.

Business Areas

Machine Tools

Machine Tools

Since launching its business in 1976, Doosan Infracore has functioned as the cornerstone of the nation's key industry and has grown into a global leader through continued R&D investments and innovation.

Doosan Infracore : Machine Tools


Doosan Infracore is emerging as one of the world's top-tier engine manufacturers based on its diverse lineup of multi-purpose products, which can meet tougher environmental regulations in the world.

Doosan Infracore : Engine


  • Doosan Infracore participates in the EMO Milano 2015

    Doosan Infracore participates in the EMO Milano 2015

    On October 7, Doosan Infracore (CEO Dongyoun Sohn) announced its participation in the “EMO 2015” (Exposition Mondiale de la Machine Outil) held in Milan, Italy on October 5-10. The EMO is one of the world’s four bi...

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