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Construction Equipment

Doosan Infracore is working to meet customer expectations with varied product lineup including mini-to-large-sized excavators, loaders, attachments and utility equipment covering the entire world market.

Compact Equipment

Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment: Excavators

The compact items of construction equipment produced by Bobcat are suitable for diverse purposes, and function efficiently in tight spaces such as inside or around a building. The addition of diverse attachments appropriate for specific worksites will maximize work efficiency.

Related Products

Skid Loader

Skid Loader

The skid loader boasts a 50-year history, top quality, high performance and great durability. The addition of attachments and options suitable for specific sites will maximize work efficiency.

Track Loader

Track Loader

The track loader produced by Bobcat has good grounding capability, ensuring stable work on normal surfaces, and is also great for working on marshland or other rough and difficult terrains. Regardless of the conditions, it balances its performance to maximize work efficiency.

Mini Excavator

Mini Excavator

The small excavator produced by Bobcat delivers powerful excavation, mobility, and fast rotation. Its small footprint enables easy movement in tight spaces and rapid work with small trucks and trailers.