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Quality Management

Doosan Infracore has practiced customer-centered quality management to achieve its vision of becoming a 'Global Leader in Infrastructure Solutions' and has given top priority to quality enhancement to secure the global competitiveness of its products and services.

World’s best quality to touch customers

Quality Management Strategy

Doosan Infracore has built and operated a customer-oriented quality management system to achieve its vision of becoming a ‘Global Leader in Infrastructure Solutions’.
To secure world-class quality competitiveness, it has implemented quality-first policies based on solid leadership. Doosan Infracore has promoted the quality-oriented initiative by improving the quality of new products through front loading, innovating manufacturing processes, strengthening the competitiveness of vendors, resolving fundamental issues quickly and in a customer-oriented way, and building more advanced and scientific quality management infrastructure.

Based on its quality-first and customer-centered management principles, Doosan Infracore will continuously enrich the mindset of its employees and seek the highest quality in the machinery industry to move one step closer towards becoming one of the global leaders.

Doosan Infracore Quality Management System

Global Leader in Infrastructure Solutions

Quality Management System
  • Quality
  • Quality
  • Quality
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Quality Management Infrastructure
/ People

Main Activities

Doosan Infracore implements a diversity of quality management activities in the whole value chain to raise the quality of products and services to the highest possible level.

  • Development
    • Enhance NPD (New Product Development) processes
    • Strengthen a preliminary quality verification process through front loading
    • Resolve fundamental issues through DFSS (Design for six-sigma)
  • Parts
    • Promote NPD-aligned parts development
    • Operate vendor cultivation programs with global competitiveness
  • Manufacturing
    • Improve quality in manufacturing by establishing a global standard system
    • Enhance quality in manufacturing continuously by executing the DPS(Doosan Production System) manufacturing scheme
  • Markets
    • Manage the life-time of quality issues (occurrence ~ improvement ~ completed)
    • Reinforce activities to improve customer-recognized quality and service quality
    • Save warranty costs
  • Infra/People
    • Establish a quality management infrastructure system
    • Strengthen executability and promote process innovation through quality management assessment
    • Nurture experts by operating Quality Academy

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Our Aspiration & Core Value

Our Aspiration & Core Value

Introduce the Doosan Credo, Doosan's philosophy and its way of doing business, which represents Doosan's past and future.



Doosan Infracore puts the principle of respect for humanity and environmental preservation into practice across all of its business activities.

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