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EHS Management Strategy

Doosan Infracore puts the principle of respect for humanity and environmental preservation into practice across all of its business activities. Devising a total of four principles and five promotion strategies, we have pursued the prosperity of humankind, the conservation of the earth’s environment, and sustainable growth.


Doosan Infracore's EHS management policies were upgraded nine times between 1995, the year in which they were launched with the aim of sharing the company's key environmental management strategies both internally and externally, and 2015, when the current version of the policies were adopted. The company’s EHS management policies stipulate the details of five principles, including operation of the environmental safety management system, which pursues prosperity for mankind and protection of the natural environment. The policies have led the company to achieve companywide participation in its environmental safety management. Now, Doosan Infracore has set visions for its EHS management and five strategies for realizing them as a 'Global Leading Green Company,' and continues to strive for sustainable corporate growth.

Environmental Safety Policies

All employees of Doosan Infracore comply with the following policies in order to put the principle of respect for humanity and environmental conservation into practice across all of the business activities, enrich human lives and enhance future global value.

  • EHS management system operation

    We establish and operate a system designed to improve on EHS impacts created in products, activities and services, thus continuing our development.

  • Compliance with EHS laws and regulations

    We comply with domestic and overseas EHS laws, regulations and conventions by devising and faithfully implementing strict internal EHS management standards.

  • Development of customer safety and eco-friendly technologies

    We develop eco-friendly technologies for customer health and safety while reducing the consumption of resources and energy. Therefore, we contribute to conserving a sustainable environment and preventing global warming.

  • Establishment of an accident-free workplace

    We create a human-centered, pleasant, and safe working environment while improving our employees’ health and quality of life including those of our partner firms in order to become an accident-free workplace.

  • Communication with stakeholders

    We increase communication with stakeholders, conduct a transparent disclosure of our EHS performance, and fulfill our corporate social responsibilities. We gain the trust of our customers and continue to grow.