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Yoo Joon-ho, Doosan Infracore Engine BG

Thank you for continuously supporting
Doosan Infracore Engines.

Esteemed shareholders and customers,

Welcome to the website of Doosan Infracore Engine Business Group.

Doosan Infracore Engine Business Group started producing diesel engines in 1958 and has continued to enhance its R&D capabilities and develop outstanding production technologies for the past six decades. We now produce the world’s most powerful fuel-efficient diesel and natural gas/LPG engines for buses, trucks, construction equipment, industrial vehicles, power generators and marine vessels at home and abroad.

We completed the construction of a large-scale engine manufacturing plant in 1975. We started manufacturing our own engine models in the 1980s, and succeeded in developing both the STORM engine and the DE & DV engine series during the same decade, thereby enabling the Republic of Korea to achieve self-reliance in diesel engine technology. We completed our cutting-edge compact engine manufacturing plant in 2012, since when we have continued to expand our product portfolio from mid- to large-sized engines to compact engines for industrial vehicles, construction equipment and agricultural machinery.

Furthermore, on the basis of our accumulated know-how and technological prowess, we have continued to roll out products that meet the increasingly stringent emissions standards worldwide.

We developed Tier 4 Final engines in 2012, and have supplied them to many companies around the world, including BOBCAT of North America. Since then we have also developed Euro 6 diesel/natural gas engines, and are once again preparing to make great strides in the domestic commercial vehicle market while opening new markets for our state-of-the-art engines across the world.

We are currently developing engines that will meet the Stage 5 next-generation emission standards, while concurrently preparing to mass-produce and deliver the engines to global market leaders such as KION in Europe and BOBCAT in North America by the end of 2019. We have never ceased striving to expand our customer base, including the latest success in China, which we achieved by executing a joint venture agreement with LOVOL, the county’s largest agricultural machinery manufacturer.

In keeping with the rising global market demand for eco-friendliness, Doosan Infracore Engine Business Group will continue to promote the development of engines that meet the strictest emission standards for a wide variety of industries, so that it can contribute to improving the quality of all humanity and making the world a better place for ecosystems around the world.

Doosan Infracore Engine Business Group pledges to continue making all-out efforts to develop new products and to secure cutting-edge new technologies with the aim of growing into a global leader in the engine market, boasting an optimized product portfolio that fulfills every demand of its global customers. With its spirit of ceaseless innovation, Doosan Infracore Engine Business Group will always do its utmost to create strong values for its customers by providing them with the very best quality products and services through the establishment of an ISO9001-based quality management system.

We promise to always stand by you as your most reliable business partner in all your future endeavors. We look forward to your continued interest and cooperation.

Yoo Joon-ho,
Vice President
Doosan Infracore Engine Business Group


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By manufacturing top quality engines that can meet customer needs, we aim to become a leader in the global engine industry.

Our Aspiration & Core Values

Our Aspiration & Core Values

Introduce the Doosan Credo, Doosan's philosophy and its way of doing business, which represents Doosan's past and future.



Since producing diesel engines in 1958, the first in Korea, we have served a myriad of customers across the world with a diverse lineup of diesel and CNG engines.

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