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DI Signs Engine Supply Contract with Korea’s No. 1 Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer

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Doosan Infracore Engines Introduction Video

Doosan Infracore Engines Introduction Video

Doosan Infracore Engine Video

Doosan Infracore Engine Business Group started in 1958, when began building diesel engines.
It was the biggest manufacturing plant in Asia at that time.
Ever since started building engines, Doosan Infracore Engine Business group has evolved
without stop.
Rich experience in engine manufacturing
On going effort to develop technology
Customer-oriented mind
These are the key drivers to leading a continuous growth.
Growth of engine BG never stops. Even financial crisis didn’t hold back continuing growth.
Commitment to fitting customers tailored needs has drove the growth, resulted in 70% of sales
increase in 2013 comparing 2006.
Located in Incheon, Korea, manufacturing complex covers a total area of 58,300 m2 with annual
capacity of 150,000 units of engines and 55,000 tons of parts such as cylinder blocks and
Doosan Infracore engines are under careful quality control system to provide high quality
engines to customers.
Doosan Infracore has broader line up to meet diverse demands of customers from all over the
world. Tier 1 to tier 4 final. Euro 1 to Euro 6. 37 kW to 883 kW.
Doosan Infracore engines power generator sets, industrial machinery, commercial vehicles,
military vehicles, agricultural machinery and marine.
Doosan Infracore engines can be found all over the world where electricity and power is
In North America, Doosan’s natural gas engine is a top player with number 1 market share.
In Korea, market share of power generation engine is over 80 percent.
As a global player in the industry, Doosan Infracore engines for power generation is leading
market of Turkey, Taiwan, Malaysia, Argentina, Lebanon and play an important role.
Doosan Infracore engines for commercial vehicles are installed in buses and trucks.
Doosan diesel and natural gas engines power transit buses in Korea and the world.
Cargo trucks, garbage trucks, road sweepers of all over the world are also powered by Doosan
Doosan engines for commercial vehicles have high fuel efficiency and high power out put.
Doosan Infracore marine engines have two types. As a main power source, a propulsion engine
drives marine while an auxiliary engine works as a generator and supplies electricity to marine.
Doosan Infracore marine engines power various marine, from yacht to cruise, from leisure boat
to work boat.
Doosan Infracore marine engines have high fuel efficiency and outstanding durability
Doosan Infracore’s concerns in environment and people led to develop Tier 4 Final diesel
In order to meet Tier 4 Final, over 90 percentage of emissions and particulates should be
Doosan compact diesel engines are designed leveraging Doosan’s 50 years of knowledge and
expertise in development.
Without an extra filter to reduce particulates and emissions, the engines are more compact ,
easy to handle and most importantly, it saves cost.
Doosan compact diesel engines are installed in machinery of Doosan forklift and Bobcat.
It is expected to broad an application for agricultural machinery, generator sets, industrial
machinery wherever high power output and low-end torque engine is needed.
Doosan Infracore always listens to customers and aims for higher goals to provide the best
At Doosan, our passion is maximizing customer value and furthermore, adding value to people
and environment.

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