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  • Doosan Infracore Engines Introduction Video

    Doosan Infracore Engine Video

    Doosan Infracore engines with a history of more than half a century are not merely content with meeting customer needs; it also aims to contribute to improving the quality of life of people.

    Doosan Infracore Engine Business Group started in 1958, when began building diesel engines. It was the biggest manufacturing plant in Asia at that time. Ever since started building engines, Doosan Infracore Engine Business group has evolved without stop. Rich experience in engine manufacturing On going effort to develop technology Customer-oriented mind These are the key drivers to leading a continuous growth. Growth of engine BG never stops. Even financial crisis didn’t hold back continuing growth. Commitment to fitting customers tailored needs has drove the growth, resulted in 70% of sales increase in 2013 comparing 2006. Located in Incheon, Korea, manufacturing complex covers a total area of 58,300 m2 with annual capacity of 150,000 units of engines and 55,000 tons of parts such as cylinder blocks and heads. Doosan Infracore engines are under careful quality control system to provide high quality engines to customers. Doosan Infracore has broader line up to meet diverse demands of customers from all over the world. Tier 1 to tier 4 final. Euro 1 to Euro 6. 37 kW to 883 kW. Doosan Infracore engines power generator sets, industrial machinery, commercial vehicles, military vehicles, agricultural machinery and marine. Doosan Infracore engines can be found all over the world where electricity and power is needed. In North America, Doosan’s natural gas engine is a top player with number 1 market share. In Korea, market share of power generation engine is over 80 percent. As a global player in the industry, Doosan Infracore engines for power generation is leading market of Turkey, Taiwan, Malaysia, Argentina, Lebanon and play an important role. Doosan Infracore engines for commercial vehicles are installed in buses and trucks. Doosan diesel and natural gas engines power transit buses in Korea and the world. Cargo trucks, garbage trucks, road sweepers of all over the world are also powered by Doosan engines. Doosan engines for commercial vehicles have high fuel efficiency and high power out put. Doosan Infracore marine engines have two types. As a main power source, a propulsion engine drives marine while an auxiliary engine works as a generator and supplies electricity to marine. Doosan Infracore marine engines power various marine, from yacht to cruise, from leisure boat to work boat. Doosan Infracore marine engines have high fuel efficiency and outstanding durability Doosan Infracore’s concerns in environment and people led to develop Tier 4 Final diesel engines. In order to meet Tier 4 Final, over 90 percentage of emissions and particulates should be reduced. Doosan compact diesel engines are designed leveraging Doosan’s 50 years of knowledge and expertise in development. Without an extra filter to reduce particulates and emissions, the engines are more compact , easy to handle and most importantly, it saves cost. Doosan compact diesel engines are installed in machinery of Doosan forklift and Bobcat. It is expected to broad an application for agricultural machinery, generator sets, industrial machinery wherever high power output and low-end torque engine is needed. Doosan Infracore always listens to customers and aims for higher goals to provide the best solution. At Doosan, our passion is maximizing customer value and furthermore, adding value to people and environment.

  • Tier 4 Final Compact Diesel Engine Video

    Doosan Infracore Engine Video

    Doosan Infracore Engine’s compact diesel engines based on its state-of-the-art technologies are characterized by high power and innovative after-treatment system. All this is designed to maximize customer satisfaction.

    Doosan Infracore is a world-class infrastructure support business. South Korea’s premier machine corporation enhances the quality of people’s lives through technical advances and innovation. Doosan is proud to present its new technically advanced compact diesel engines. The U.S. Tier 4- and European Union Stage 4-compliant compact engines were created leveraging Doosan’s 50 years of knowledge and expertise in engine design and development. The Doosan compact diesel engines are developed and tailored to fit customer needs. The engines were put through rigorous testing to ensure performance in the rugged work environments where you find Doosan Commercial Vehicles and Bobcat Company equipment. The advanced Doosan compact diesel engines, consisting of 1.8, 2.4, and 3.4Liter displacements, offer topline performance with high power output and the greatest low-end torque in their class. The compact size also allows the engines to be mounted onto diverse industrial equipment, adapting to the customer’s needs. Doosan’s patented innovative technology means a DPF-free exhaust reduction combustion system is part of the engine design. It’s been created to reduce exhaust and hazardous substances and comply with the stringent emissions regulations, while eliminating the challenges that can come with alternative DPF systems: the need for a larger mounting space; ash cleaning; potentially negative fuel economy; risk of thermal damage; frequent service claims and a complex design. The after-treatment method is simplified, making the Doosan compact engines easy to maintain and cutting maintenance costs. They are eco-friendly with a large emphasis on user-friendliness. And they comply with U.S. Tier 4 and European Union Stage 4 environmental regulations, creating a new standard for global compact diesel engine manufacturers. Located in the hub of Doosan Infracore compact construction equipment production, the Incheon Factory, Doosan’s compact engine plant, covers a total area of 140,000 square meters, capable of producing 100,000 units per year. The compact engine plant is committed to using its lean production systems and realizing a zero-loss operation. The plant utilizes an advanced real-time monitoring system with the pull-production method, 2D matrix history management, and the RFID-based MES systems to integrate the entire process from parts to worker activities through the 2D barcode technology. The assembly line production is able to manufacture the 1.8, 2.4, and 3.4 Liter engines simultaneously Doosan Infracore is continually aiming for higher goals. The Doosan compact diesel engines are eco-friendly and built forcustomer convenience and ease of operation. At Doosan,our passion is maximizing customer value through technology and design. It is that passion that enables us to introduce the new standard in the global compact diesel engine market — the new Doosan Compact Diesel Engine line.

  • Euro 6 CNG Engine Video

    Doosan Infracore Engine Video

    Doosan Infracore’s CNG engines applied Selective Catalytic Reduction(SCR) technology in order to comply with Euro 6, the latest emissions requirement. The high efficienct engines also remarkably lowered the total cost of ownership.

    Doosan Infracore began development of a natural gas engine in 1995. With rich experiences in diesel engine development, euro 3 natural gas engine was born and began mass production in 1999. Since then, Doosan natural gas engines are supplied all over the world powering diverse kind of commercial vehicles. Now 2014, Euro 6 compliant natural gas engines are supplied all over the world powering. What are benefits of a natural gas engine? It’s more environmental-friendly and emissions are much lower than other fuel engines. It offers lower total cost of owner ship with high fuel efficiency and low price of natural gas. Then does a natural gas engine compromise performance? Absolutely No. Vibration and noise are much lower than diesel engine. Power output of a natural gas engine is the same or better than a diesel engine. Doosan Infracore has 2 models of natural gas engine; 8.1 liter GL08 and 11.1 liter GL11. All of Doosan Infracore natural gas engines meet Euro 6 emissions regulation. Doosan natural gas engines have Oxidation Catalyst and Selective Catalytic Reduction to meet euro 6 regulation. What are benefits of SCR? Three words. It saves cost. It delivers better fuel efficiency and consumes less engine oil than an EGR equipped engine. SCR Muffler doesn’t need to be replaced until the end of life engine. SCR simply adds a Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) into the exhaust gas and filters it through a catalyst to convert NOx into nitrogen and water, and then it is released into the air. Doosan Infracore euro 6 natural gas engines have on board diagnostics system. OBD can monitor an overall performance of engines and aftertreatment system. Doosan Infracore natural gas engines It provides the best solutions for our environment and people.

  • DP Series G-Drive Engine Video

    Doosan Infracore Engine Video

    The generator diesel engine is greatly enhanced in power, quality, durability and maintenance, reflecting the voice of customers.

    Doosan Infracore started building Korea’s first diesel engines in 1958 and has been expanding its business ever since. Today, Doosan Infracore manufactures diesel engines and natural gas engines for buses and trucks, industrial purposes, power generation, and marine engines and supply them to all over the world. Now, Doosan Infracore introduces new engine, DP series for generator sets developed based on over 50 years of engineering expertise to satisfy the customer. DP Series engines evolved in every aspects Performance Design Convenince DP Series engines deliver all of this by improving and upgrading the existing engines to satisfy customer. New DP Series engines is getting stronger. Power output is increased by more than 20% comparing the current models but offers in smaller size and maintains mechanical type which contributes to handling and operating engines more easily. DP Series consists of in-line and V type engines offering power range between 86 kW and 828 kW. DP Series engines consume noticeably lower fuel. As all DP Series engines have higher power output than existing models, users can use new DP Series 10 cylinder V type engines instead of previous 12 cylinder V type engines. Both new 10 cylinder and previous 12 cylinder offers the same range of power output but new DP Series engines are in smaller package and consume less fuel. DP Series engines are designed to allow easy maintenance and ease of convenience. DP Series engines obtain the maximum power output and fuel efficiency while maintaining mechanical type that helps customers manage an engine more easily and conveniently. The brand new engines are designed to be in more compact package which resulting in easier engine installation and maintenance. DP Series engines are easy to install into generator sets. A hanging of engines are much easier and an installation of an alternator are simpler than before. In addition, smaller size but high power output engines can secure the larger space in generator sets DP Series engines of durability is strengthened. Among thousands parts of an engine, there are 5C, the most important parts of an engine. 4 parts of 5Cs are reinforced to improve durability. Cylinder Head Cylinder Block Crankshaft Connecting Rod & Piston Ring Rigidity of these major parts is improved by minimizing stress concentration and increasing fatigue strength. DP Series engines have high performance radiators. Intercooler is redesigned and material is changed. The ability of cooling down the heat generated by engine combustion is improved. DP Series engines are designed for customers High power output High fuel efficiency Easy maintenance Easy and flexible installation These are what engine users always need which are in new DP Series engines. Doosan Infracore will always strive to provide reliable solutions that customers always count on it.

  • Casting Manufacturing Process Video (Cylinder Block and Head)

    Doosan Infracore Engine Video

    All of Doosan Infracore’s engines are equipped with cylinder blocks and heads which are produced in-house.

    Doosan Infracore has manufacturing plants building engines and metal castings Engine manufacturing plants cover 38,300m2 and a casting manufacturing plant covers 20,000 m2. Doosan builds 55,000 tons of castings a year. All Doosan Infracore engines have its own built cylinder blocks and cylinder heads. In 1975, Korea’s first casting manufacturing plant was established to build Doosan’s own cylinder blocks and cylinder heads. A cylinder block and a cylinder head are 5C parts of engines which are the most important parts of an engine. Let’s look into how a cylinder block and a head are built. First, main material, metal should be melted. Melted metal is poured into a mold to harden into shape. We called this “Liquid Metal“ and pour them into a mold which is made from sands. In order to produce a block and a head which have complicated internal and external surface, “Core” procedure is necessary. A core is a replica, of the internal features of the part to be cast which mold internal of parts. Over 1,500 degrees Celsius of liquid metal is pored into a mold and wait for a while to cool down a temperature. Then next, inside and outside of parts are cleaned. Now parts are ready to be painted. Final process is inspection. After going through thorough test, then it’s good to be delivered to customers. Doosan Infracore has 18 models of cylinder blocks and 10 models of cylinder heads Does Doosan Infracore only build its own parts? Of course not. We also develop new products. Here is a customer who needs a new hydraulic pump and other parts. New equipment require newly designed parts. Doosan Infracore develops new parts with a customer. Long and rich experiences in development of various products and mass production are enable to meet diverse demands of customers. Doosan Infracore always tries to meet the needs of customers.

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