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Doosan Genuine Parts

Doosan genuine parts ensure the safe use of the engines and longer engine life.

What are Doosan genuine parts?

[Poster]Difference between genuine parts and imitations in quality and lifespan

All Doosan Genuine Diesel Engine Parts are specially designed and produced for Doosan diesel engines. Doosan Genuine Engine Parts extend engine life and perform at its best.

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How to Identify Doosan Genuine Parts

Doosan genuine parts inspection How to identify Doosan genuine parts via boxes
  • Doosan Brand

    The simple and refined packaging which effectively representing Doosan brand is designed to maximize customer satisfaction.

  • Accurate Parts Information

    Every packaging provides entire information through standardized labelling systems.

  • Doosan Holograms

    Doosan holograms attached to packages or parts assure customers that they are Doosan genuine parts. Whether parts are genuine or not can be checked through Doosan’s hologram-based parts tracking system.