Doosan Infracore Continues to Win ADT Supply Contracts in Emerging Markets

- Doosan Infracore set to supply 30 ADTs to a Singaporean civil engineering company and 10 ADTs for the Hong Kong International Airport Expansion Project

2019. 1. 30

Doosan Infracore has continued to win ADT* supply contracts in emerging markets including Singapore and Hong Kong.

On 30 January 2019, Doosan Infracore announced that it was set to supply thirty ADTs to KTC Civil Engineering & Construction Pte. Ltd., the largest civil engineering company in the city state, in 2019. It is the company’s largest ADT sales contract to date.

With the latest delivery, KTC will be operating a total of seventy-three Doosan ADTs. Notably, KTC has been using Doosan Infracore’s telematics solution DoosanCONNECT™ as a standard feature on all of its ADTs since 2017.

Doosan Infracore has also signed a contract to supply Luen Yau, a construction company based in Hong Kong, with ten ADTs for use in the Hong Kong International Airport Expansion Project. Luen Yau will mobilize the construction equipment for the international airport’s project to expand its terminals and construct a new runway. The company is highly likely to place an order for additional ADTs from Doosan Infracore in the second half of the year when the airport expansion work will gather pace.

“We have been able to win large-scale ADT supply contracts in emerging markets based on our efforts to boost customer satisfaction through our outstanding product performance and service solutions like DoosanCONNECT™,” said an official of Doosan Infracore, adding, “We will further increase our customer value by creating even better customer solutions based on our cutting-edge ICT and IoT technologies.”

In 2018, Doosan Infracore won a contract with a Norwegian heavy equipment rental company for the supply of twenty ADTs. This success is largely attributable to the company’s DoosanCONNECT™ solutions, which can boost the operational efficiency of a large number of heavy machines by providing the operator with information on fuel efficiency, workload and travel distance among other things in real time.

*ADT: A large dump truck that is mainly used on rough terrain such as mines and quarries. A Doosan Infracore ADT is equipped with a special articulation system that delivers stability and powerful driving performance, and a 6WD system that distributes the weight of the cargo evenly throughout the truck, thereby providing high traction.